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Grupo MDP lives and breathes videogames. We have formed an unbeatable creative team through more than 20 years of history. We develop each aspect of our games and apps in house, from concept art to voice acting. We’ve produced our own projects and created games and apps based on internationally acclaimed franchises. Our products have been made available for sale through digital storefronts, retail stores, and even internally developed download services.

The world of videogames has no secrets for us. Grupo MDP began as the publisher of XtremePC, Next Level and Loaded, long-running argentine video game magazines that took us to international events and helped us establish business ties with some of the industry’s biggest companies. Our team moved to the web, authored thematic books, and finally landed on a radio show called “Malditos Nerds”, going on its sixth season. In 2011 we launched our first video game and from then on our focus became game and app development.
We have a solid team of in-house producers, game designers, programmers, writers, artists, musicians, animators and video editors. Each of these craftsmen knows how to fulfill the needs of our clients and users, adapting their skills to all kinds of genres, visual styles and platforms.
Five years ago we added to our team a group of writers, illustrators, animators, and voice actors dedicated to the production of animated web series. Our first project, “The Walking Nerd” first aired on 2013 through the Vorterix VOD platform. From then on we set out to produce a variety of web and TV animated comedies and cinematic content for our apps “Fuerza Fruta” (Fruit Force) and “Junior Express”.
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We know our social media.

Grupo MDP amplifies its products’ reach through the social media of @Vorterix (1 Million combined followers, 15-35 target) y @MalditosNerdsVX (100.000 combined followers, mostly self-identified as gamers).

We have access to mass media.

Our access to the Vorterix VOD platform allows us to communicate our product launches and updates directly to the local press.

Why Choose MDP

We are creative

We’re problem solvers and are able to see the same idea from multiple perspectives

We listen to our clients

We keep constant communication throughout every project

We love what we do

That’s why we’ll take care of your brand as if it was ours

We’re a complete team

We can develop an app from design document to final product

We breathe gaming

We know every genre, every style, and the way the industry functions

We look forward to a challenge

We’re constantly learning new skills to enrich our product

An Unbeatable Team

These are the four pillars of a great team. They stand for leadership, the skill of organization, a deep knowledge of the art of programming, and boundless creativity.

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Gonzalo Ballina


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